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Sandblasted/Etched/Carved Glass
Doors,Windows and Privacy Glass

Our custom sandblasted and carved glass door and window lites can be designed to fit different budgets and design themes. From traditional to contemporary, or from Asian to Pacific Northwest concepts, anything is possible. Our sandblasted designs are also a
great way to solve privacy issues. Why limit yourself to standard doors with mass produced, low quality glass when Design Tech 
Artglass can fabricate custom artglass that will elevate the beauty 
and style of your home. Call for a free in home consultation to
discuss your project.

Sandblasted/etched glass privacy screen.Pacific Northwest theme.
Asain themed sandblasted/etched glass bedroom privacy windows
Sandblasted/etched glass sidelite window
Sandblasted/etched glass privacy screen.Pacific Northwest theme.
Sandblasted/etched glass office doors
Sandblasted carved door glass,with scene
Sandblasted etched glass interior divider wall
Sandblasted carved glass table.Koi designand water lily design.
Sandblasted etched glass office doors
Sandblasted carved glass wine with hand textured aluminum wine cellar sculpture
Custom sandblasted carved glass kitchen counter
Sandblasted etched glass pantry door
Sandblasted etched glass wine cellar door
Stained glass and sandblasted glass garden window
Sandblasted etched glass orca whale window
Neon edge lit carved glass partition wall
Sandblasted etched glass Serengti themed cigar room entry
Detail,sandblasted glass tiger for cigar room entry
Sandblasted carved glass table,water lily and koi theme.
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